About Us

Our objective is to achieve the customer satisfaction by complying the cGMP regulations and strictly adhering to the health and safety principles. The company started its regular production recently with a total number of 60 products.

Now a days the total number of Metro products is approximately 150. the Company gained the ISO Certification (ISO 9001: 2008) recently. Now it is on the way of ISO (14001: 2002) and the total quality management system. The company is equipped with most modern production machinery and latest quality control equipment.

The company is manufacturing most of the dosage form including oral liquid, dry powder for oral suspension, tablets, capsules, cream ointment gels lotions, and sachets. the company is manufacturing best quality products for the benefits of ailing humanity including antibiotics as well as most of the prescription and OTC products.

The company has free medical facilities for all of its employees the company offers cars and motorbikes to the marketing team as well as other incentives as for marketing strategies. We deliver excellent quality and best presentation to the market. In an inspection of a team of Ministry of Health, we are awarded “very good grade”

The base of Metro pharmaceuticals success is our employees. Their commitment to continue improvement and meeting the customer satisfaction provides a concrete base for achieving our Quality Objectives.


To be a leading health care organization driven by the continuing market growth of its highly successful products backed by the competitive strength of its dynamic operating structure and the winning corporate culture embraced by its people, sustained by the growing support of its satisfied customers and the continuing commitment of its stock holders. Metro pharmaceutical is dedicated to provide quality products and ethical services to meet the needs of customers in a responsible manner. We are also conscious of our social responsibility to improve the quality of life of our valuable customers, our staff and the society we inhabit and every step taken at metro goes towards a better and healthier life for all.


At Metro pharmaceuticals our Mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more feel better and live longer. This mission has led us avoid leading position and developing new medicines. The challenge of improving health care and expending access more people is great, and no single organization can provide all the solutions. Health care companies have a role to play, and we want to be a company that makes a difference. Our commercial success depends on our ability to create innovative new medicines by achieving this, we will be able to grow our business and provide benefits to patients, consumer’s, society and our employees.

Corporate Mission

We are a team of dynamic and committed professionals who work with partnership with the medical profession in enhancing health care quality through continuing research and development of high quality products gaining market leadership through the value it adds to better health care delivery.


Metro pharmaceutical is a future oriented & progressive pharmaceutical company. Metro Pharmaceuticals vision is based on quality and professionalism. Our people and resources are dedicated to provide quality products and ethical services to meet the needs of customers in a responsible manner.

There is and emphasis on employee pride, meticulous quality control and optimum resources utilization to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the healthcare industry, to grow thorough aggressive but ethical marketing, and to maintain synergy in our business. We are also conscious of our social responsibility to improve the quality of life of our customers, our staff and the society we inhabit; and every step taken at Metro Pharmaceuticals is geared towards a better & healthier life for all, as we practice.
Our slogan: Health is our passion.

Haji Sher Ahmed
Metro Pharmaceuticals.

Director Administration

(Shabbir Ahmed)

Director Marketing

(Naseer Ahmed)